The Our Caribbean Spirit interview series takes us over to Guyana by way of the Guyana Cultural Association in Flatbush, Brooklyn. We had the honor of sitting down with Dr. Rosalind October-Edun, Asst. Cultural Director at the organisation, where we learnt of some of their work in preserving and propagating Guyanese culture.

Dr. October-Edun now a full time social work specialist, finds time to share her other expertise, dance. A former dancer with the Guyana National Dance Company, she has a wealth of knowledge in two of the country’s indigenous practices: Masquerade and Kwekwe. Watch the full interview to see clips of these dances as performed in Brooklyn, Guyana and at her masterclass with Dance Caribbean COLLECTIVE at Brooklyn Studios for Dance for the Diaspora Dance Series.

Interviewer: Candace Thompson
Interviewees: Rose October-Edun
Videography by Ellen Maynard/ The Fleet
Videography+Edited by André M. Zachery
Intro music by Zane Rodulfo
Special thanks to Brooklyn Studios for Dance  and Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc.

The signature piece for this year’s New Traditions (dance) Festival is ‘Our Caribbean Spirit’ which will engage with the various Caribbean Dance forms present throughout Brooklyn and NYC by connecting with cultural groups and organizations. The hope is to highlight the multiple ways Caribbean-ness is expressed throughout the Caribbean Diaspora, through a published interview series, video documentation and a collaborative dance process, and to continue the conversation through live performance at the New Traditions Festival 2017, June 16-18.
Get tickets at 2017.newtraditionsfestival.com

Dance Caribbean COLLECTIVE, is an organizing body of dancers, choreographers and educators driven to facilitate Contemporary Caribbean Dance Performance, preserve Cultural Legacy and promote Community Engagement.


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