INTRODUCING: The ‘Our Caribbean Spirit’ Project + Blog Series

As Dance Caribbean COLLECTIVE (DCC) continues to grow, expand, and transgress, we have embarked on a new journey with the ‘Our Caribbean Spirit Project,’ presenting an interview blog series, corresponding video documentation, and a collaborative dance project to connect with Caribbean Diaspora communities in multiple ways.  This includes forming alliances with individuals, groups, and organizations whose focus is on the retention of Caribbean dance traditions, in addition to providing a platform to investigate the meaning of Caribbean-ness through dance, particularly for those who are Caribbean-American or are Caribbean people living abroad. All of this knowledge converges at New Traditions Festival 2017.

The Our Caribbean Spirit interview series comprises several chats with artists, educators, and cultural activists who are immersed in their traditional forms, educating communities, particularly Caribbean-American youth about their heritage. The goal is to share these personal stories and convey to you how this knowledge impacts the people of the African and Caribbean Diaspora. We are interested in the emotional expression and embodiment of these practices and their connection to identity, citizenship, survival, self-awareness, and triumph while bringing these diverse and rich traditions mainstream.

The interview series is being led by A’Keitha Carey, Andre Zachery, Brittany Williams, Candace Thompson and Ellen Maynard. The collaborative community dance performance project features Indira Warner, Akilah Pascall, Alexandra Jean-Joseph, Clara Auguste, Dionisia Rigby, Ilana (ILLY) Warner, Indira Warner and Natasha Warwick, is being directed by Candace Thompson, and is currently in residence at Brooklyn Studios for Dance. The hope is to highlight through various mediums, the multiple ways Caribbean-ness is expressed throughout the Caribbean Diaspora and continue the conversation through live performance at the New Traditions Festival 2017, June 16-18.

Stay Tuned!


Written by A’Keitha Carey and Candace Thompson
Photo by Kearra Gopee
Design by Kriston Chen

Get tickets for New Traditions Festival HERE!


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